The Way Out

This book is simply another attempt to make sense of the world, a deep dive into the journey of an individual who has dared to challenge his conditioning and question the answers he had always been fed.

The Way Out is a profound book that presents revolutionary solutions to the present and future unsolved mysteries on invisible evidences in the criminal justice system. It proposes the one code (Code Konga) that can be used to calculate the truth about almost any question or equation in the world. This code links and translates our very existence on earth: events and phenomena to mathematical equations and expressions that are later resolved using data around our life, such as a bus ticket you have used in the day, your name or a telephone number to calculate one’s date of birth or signature, and other essential solutions to fight electoral irregularities and combat fraud by calculating events, election dates and linking who in time and space was/is to be there at that specific time and space or at a crime scene.

This book is the evidence that the physical world is controlled by the spiritual and that all that is accomplished on earth (manifested) is first accomplished in heaven. As it is written in the Bible: ’’By faith we know that the world was formed by the Word of God, so that what we see was not made of things visible.


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